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Curatif Never Never Distilling Negroni 140ml

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Curatif canned cocktails are the perfect, go anywhere do anything pre-mix cocktails.

Made to exacting standards, they're at home in the park picnic, or stirred down in a fancy cocktail glass impressing your guests at home.

This classic Negroni features Never Never Distilling Co's Triple Juniper Gin, whose botanic notes pair perfectly with the iconic Campari flavour profile.

Curatif's Never Never Distilling Co Negroni is a masterclass in balance. The unmistakable bitter orange profile of Campari acts perfectly as the foundation for the elegant and refined Mancino Vermouth Rosso.

The sweetness of the Vermouth is tempered by the inclusion of juniper elements, which are matched and elevated perfectly by NND's Triple Juniper Gin.

The colour: Bright and vibrant, luminescent cherry-red in the glass.

The nose: Intensely aromatic, with aromas of red berries and brushed pine mingling with warm wooded spices.

The taste: Rich and luxurious, notes of juniper and bitter orange are tempered by earthy angelica root and lengthened by pepperberry spice.

The finish: Viscous and mouth-filling, the finish is long and full flavoured.