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Four Pillars

Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2018

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Your chance to pick up a hard to find bottle of the 2018 Christmas Gin from Four Pillars. 

The Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2018 release showcases Melbourne artist Stephen Baker's artwork 'Basking in the Sun', a reflection of the traditionally hot Australian Christmas and everything that is great about this time of year.

This gin was inspired by Wilma's (head distiller Cameron MacKenzie' mother) 1968 Christmas Pudding recipe. To create this gin Cam first distills Christmas puddings with juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander and angelica over the top.

Cam also ages gin in a couple of 125 year-old former William Grant scotch whisky barrels, which had previously stored Rutherglen Muscat for 80 years. Cam then blends this with the Christmas Gin, and to finish he adds a slight tweak of Rutherglen Classic Muscat to round out the palate. Cam also adds a touch of Four Pillars own muscat that has been sitting in barrels which had previously housed Pedro Ximenez, providing more depth, richness & complexity.