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There Will Be Blood Orange

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There Will Be Blood Orange allows you to enjoy Blood Oranges in your Gin and Tonic or favourite cocktails long after they've disappeared from shops and markets.

Use them to substitute your classic orange ganish in G&T's or try them out in this twist on a modern classic.

Blood Orange Breakfast Martini
Glass - Chilled Coup
Break down the marmelade in your shaker using a barspoon then, Shake & Fine Strain
Garnish: There Will Be Blood Orange

2 Barspoons Blood Orange Marmalade (Beerenburg makes a good one)
20ml Lemon Juice
45ml Gin
15ml Triple Sec


We package our garnishes with a 6 month labeled shelf life, but in our experience they can last even longer that that! 

They’re best stored in an air tight jar, away from moisture. Keep them dry and they should be lasting you way past their best before date.